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Of all the dinosaur mysteries, how dinosaurs like the ton Apatosaurus mated is one of the most perplexing The backside of Diplodocus, photographed at the Utah Field House of Natural History Photo by the author smithsonianmag. Placed at the center of the renovated Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda, an adult Barosaurus rears back to protect its offspring from an oncoming Allosaurus.

Some paleontologists consider such a feat physically impossible, but as paleontologist William Gallagher pointed out while teaching my Paleontology class at Rutgers University, male Barosaurus had a good reason to rear up. How else would the huge dinosaurs have positioned themselves to Looking for Pontefract or latin ladies

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Exactly how dinosaurs got it on has inspired no small amount of speculation. The largest dinosaurs of all, the sauropods, have been especially perplexing.

I apologize for that joke, and will keep the geology puns to a minimum. In the case of sauropods such as Diplodocus, Halstead even imagined that the amorous dinosaurs might intertwine their tails.

While other paleontologists have considered the tail-twisting aspect unlikely—sauropod tails were balancing organs and were too stiff to intimately coil around each other—the basic dinosaur position Halstead promoted has Are u my new year girlfriend a prominent possibility for the dinosaur kama sutra. But not everyone agreed that giants such as Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus were capable of such nupital acrobatics.

These animals were so immense—Apatosaurus, not even the largest sauropod, is estimated to have weighed more than 23 tons—that some researchers thought the kind of positions Halstead was promoting would give the dinosaurs fractured legs and broken spines. At a symposium of vertebrate morphologists held at the University of Chicago inbiologist Stuart Landry, Senior swingers sydney.

Instead, Landry suggested that the largest dinosaurs looked for muholes or bodies of water to buoy themselves up. Biomechanics expert R.

Even though a male sauropod would have rested a great deal Ladoga-IN sex club weight on the back of the female during mating, Alexander pointed out that the stresses and strains would not have been any more severe than those caused while the female dinosaur was walking.

Still, there are only a limited of positions that could have worked for the dinosaurs.

Rather than simply leaning straight against the top of a female like an elephant or rhinoceros does, a male Lonely Hochenschwand wives would probably have to rear up at a relatively oblique angle, and the female would have to assist by moving her tail which is also a way in which female dinosaurs could have exerted mate choice and confounded any hot-under-the-collar males they would rather not mate.

Whether we want to imagine a pair of Brachiosaurus in flagrante delicto is another matter altogether. Because nothing spells romance like dinosaur sex.

References: Alexander, R. New York: Columbia University Press. The Perplexing Puzzle of Maladroit Mating.

Chicago Tribune. August 30, Like this article?

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